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What is YouGov?

YouGov is an international data analytics specialist known for its forecasting accuracy of election predictions. Founded in London in 2000, YouGov operates as an institute in more than 20 locations and countries around the world. The survey portal has over 7 million members from 42 countries and is one of the ten largest market research networks worldwide.

How much money can I earn?

For successful participation in YouGov surveys, points are credited to your account, the exact quantity of depends on the length of the surveys. As a rule, you can earn between 10 and 100 points per survey. With YouGov, you can earn up to 2 Dollars per survey, depending on the reward type you choose.

How does YouGov pay?

For money transfers or vouchers from Amazon, the payout limit is $25 (for 3,000 points) and $50 (for 5,000 points), which is comparatively high, so you need a certain level of resilience until you get your earnings paid out. YouGov only pays out cash to a bank account.

What is the payout limit at YouGov?

For money transfers or vouchers from Amazon the limit is 3,000 points for $25 and 5,000 points for $50 as payout. You can also donate your credit at YouGov to the World Hunger Aid, starting with a credit of 5 Dollars.

How often can I participate in surveys?

Most participants at YouGov receive 1 to 3 surveys per week, so there are a total of 4 to 13 surveys available per month. As a rule, participants are invited to take part in online surveys. Share your opinions on sports, culture, and the issues you care about to earn awesome rewards. Join YouGov today!

Reward types: Cash, gift cards and items, Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$, Cash out: from $25 (3,000 points) or $50 (5,000 points), Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Comments: With YouGov you will never screen out at online surveys, as well political surveys that are frequently published in the media

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Belgique > Canada > Denmark > Deutschland > Espana > Estados Unidos > France > Hong Kong > Indonesia > Ireland > Italia > Malaysia > Nederland > Norge > Österreich > Schweiz > Singapore > Slovakia > Sverige > Taiwan > Thailand > UAE > UK > USA

How do I register at YouGov?

Only persons from the age of 18 years can register, registration is possible many countries – see the list above to choose your country. The registration may take up to 5 minutes of your time, as you have to answer some questions about yourself. Please use our link to register, which will lead you to the authorized registration at YouGov.

Is YouGov legit?

This survey portal is a member of the worldwide professional association of market researchers ESOMAR, the institute has its headquarters in London. It is beyond question your data is safe with YouGov, we have tested it.

How is YouGov rated?

YouGov is considered one of the few survey portals that receives top ratings. Even the look and feel of the website is considered beautiful and clear, and the technical process, even during the survey, is trouble-free and smooth. YouGov delights its participants with a wide thematic variety of its surveys (brands, politics, society, business) as well as with topicality; in part with survey topics whose results are published and discussed in information media. The frequency of invitations is perceived as moderate but also as frequent, on average 2 to 3 invitations per week or even 16 per month.

You often read about YouGov in the daily newspaper or in the news, which is nice. I reach the payout limit of 5000 points, which corresponds to $50, 1 to 2 times a year. Above all, you don’t get kicked out of any survey, and I think that’s wonderful. So I am really satisfied with the portal.Online Panel NET

What is considered unusual and very motivating for the willingness to participate in YouGov surveys is the high qualification rate, which is individually assessed as up to 100% positive, although it may well happen that one does not belong to the target group and is thus excluded from participation, but this is generally very rare. The average time required to answer the questions is 10 minutes with an unfortunately low maximum reward of 25 points/25 cents. This is a repeatedly voiced criticism, which has the unfortunate consequence that reaching the payout limit of 3,000 points means a lot of perseverance.

The payout is considered very reliable and takes place within a few days, much to the delight of many. YouGov is not only convincing as a survey portal, because the additional range of activities and entertainment offered, such as following other users and having them follow you, giving your opinion on all kinds of topics in the feed, or selecting and rating your preferences, is also highly regarded. A survey provider such as YouGov, who meets criteria such as fairness, seriousness, reliability and topicality, and who lives up to its own claim of always wanting to improve, should be on the registration and bookmark checklist as a top provider for anyone interested in surveys.

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Belgique > Canada > China > Denmark > Deutschland > Espana > Estados Unidos > France > Hong Kong > Indonesia > Ireland > Italia > Malaysia > Nederland > Norge > Österreich > Schweiz > Singapore > Slovakia > Sverige > Thailand > UK > USA
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