Nielsen Panel Review: Is Nielsen legit?

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What is Nielsen Panel?

Nielsen’s special panel is used to measure the mobile reach of mobile offerings in Germany, similar to Nielsen Online, but for smartphones or tablets. By installing an app on their smartphone or tablet, participants permanently accumulate credit that can be exchanged for vouchers or non-cash rewards.

How does Nielsen Panel work?

The Nielsen Mobile Panel rewards the use of an app to measure mobile usage. The app on a smartphone or tablet records which mobile offers the user has accessed on the Internet. The collected data is automatically sent to Nielsen in encrypted form. For more in-depth analyses of mobile usage, participants are invited to take part in Nielsen surveys.

Although the mobile activities of each participant are recorded, it is more about the superficial use of mobile offers and applications than concrete functions such as orders, nor are any phone calls tracked. In addition, you decide for yourself how long you want to participate in this market research project by simply uninstalling the app thereafter, in this case the recordings are immediately terminated, though the account with Nielsen remains in place for another 6 months. Only people with Android or iOS as their operating system can participate in this Nielsen panel. In general, the installation is quite simple, and the basic technical requirements are low. The installed app has no influence on the functionality of the mobile device.

How much money can I earn?

For the successful collection and submission of data, Nielsen credits points to your account. At the beginning, the credits are posted to the account weekly, later monthly with a loyalty bonus. In one year you earn up to 25 US$ without any further effort just by using the app per mobile device.

How does Nielsen pay?

From an account balance of the equivalent of about 5 US$, you can claim a bonus, a voucher from Amazon, for example, is only awarded from 25 US$ in credit, so after about a year of use. However, there is a large number of non-cash rewards to choose from, meaning that the points balance can have a different value.

Reward types: Sweepstakes for cash only, Number of invites: regularly due to sofware use plus occasional surveys, Age to join: from 18 years, Prize draws: Monthly $ 10,000 cash for 10 winners, Comments: With Nielsen Mobile Panel you need to install software, which permanently tracks what websites you visit – online surveys may be conducted on internet usage accordingly

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Deutschland > Estados Unidos > Italia > New Zealand > UK > USA

How do I register at Nielsen?

Only residents of the specified country are eligible to register, and registration is possible from the age of 18. As usual, this is completed in a few minutes, the installation takes time as usual for an app. Anyone can then even participate with multiple devices, and will receive a bonus per device for their respective use in the Nielsen Mobile Panel.

Is Nielsen Panel legit?

Nielsen is the world’s major market research company, with a presence in more than 100 countries around the world. Nielsen is a member of the worldwide professional association of market researchers, with its head office in New York, United States. This is why your data is safe, we have tested it.

How is Nielsen rated?

With this innovative method of data collection, Nielsen once more demonstrates the purpose for which the app was developed, to monitor the mobile use of the Internet, which has exploded in recent years and today holds a remarkable position in the cycle markets, as it needs to be served with content and products corresponding to the needs and wishes of the consumers. Your participation in the measurement and research of the mobile coverage of mobile offers is simply performed with the installation of the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Other than downloading an app, you don’t need to do anything else and you earn points every month. It’s only really worth it if you have 2 phones or a phone and a tablet or more. In any case, the Nielsen Mobile Panel is recommended.Online Panel NET

The app remains installed on the mobile device without negatively influencing the device or operating system (Android or iOS) or even collecting sensitive personal data. Meanwhile, experienced participants who also take part in Nielsen Digital Voice encounter annoying login and account problems if they use the same eMail address for both panels. Satisfaction with the unobtrusive research method is high, earning completely idle money on the side. Nielsen shows itself moderate, but not petty with a remuneration of 25 US$ per month per device. You actually receive a premium per device for installing and using the app in the Nielsen Mobile Panel. An attractive special panel that, apart from a few technical deficits that Nielsen will hopefully get to grips with soon, can be well recommended for earning money without work.

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Deutschland > Estados Unidos > Italia > New Zealand > UK > USA
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Last modified: August 17, 2023

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