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What is LifePoints?

LifePoints Panel is the international online panel of Kantar Market Research Group, which is the market research division of WPP Group, that formerly included Infratest and Tayler Nelson Sofres (TNS), making it the second largest market researcher in the world. LifePoints was formed in 2019 from the merger of Lightspeed Panel, MySurvey and Global Test Market.

How much money can I earn?

As a member you receive between 40 and 250 points per survey or market research task, so you can earn up to 2 US$ per survey with LifePoints. Each time you fail to qualify for a survey, you are credited with 2 to 3 points. Depending on the frequency of invitations to LifePoints surveys, you can earn between 50 and 75 US$ per year.

How does LifePoints pay?

From an account balance of 5500 LifePoints you can request a payout, which corresponds to a value of 5 US$. There is a kind of catalog available, where you can choose your preferred reward, with the options of money via PayPal or vouchers to choose from for example Amazon or iTunes, if desired, the balance can also be donated.

What is the payout limit at LifePoints?

The payout limit at LifePoints is comparatively low and fair, since you can get a voucher for Amazon for as little as 5 US$, for which you have to collect 5500 points as a participant, which usually means only a few surveys to reach this payout limit.

How often can I participate in surveys?

Depending on the target audience, you can expect 2 to 3 surveys per week at LifePoints, for a total of 8 to 13 surveys per month. So far, you are only invited to online surveys, and you are explicitly not supposed to fill them out via smartphone or tablet, you have to use a PC.

Reward types: Cash and gift cards, Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$, Cash out: 5 US$ (5.500 LifePoints, Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 16 years, Comments: MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket have new names and are Lifepoints now, the biggest online panel in the world

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Belgique > Brasil > Canada > Deutschland > Espana > Estados Unidos > France > Italia > Nederland > Österreich > Saudi Arabia > Schweiz > United Arab Emirates > USA

How do I register at LifePoints?

Only residents of the specified country can register, while registration is possible from the age of 16. Signup is completed in a few minutes, just don’t forget to confirm it by email. To do so, please use our link above, leading you to the authorized registration at LifePoints.

Is LifePoints legit?

The institute to LifePoints is a member of the worldwide professional association of market researchers, Kantar as the parent company of Lightspeed has its headquarters in London. For this reason your data is safe, we have tested it.

How is LifePoints rated?

It has been a while since Globaltestmarket and MySurvey merged into LifePoints Panel. The look and feel of the survey portal is airier, lighter, younger, more modern, and has an intuitively easy-to-understand user interface. It is understandable that a fundamentally modernized technical as well as structural update is expected in order to ensure optimized conditions for conducting online surveys in all respects, whether participant accounts, communication, loading times, login, and all other modalities. Unfortunately, the expectations have not been fulfilled for the most part, even though satisfaction has been communicated in a few cases.

Well, I’m happy to be part of it, since it works great. Even with surveys that do not match, you score 2 points. Besides, in no time at all, the first payout limit of 5 US$ is reached. My experience with LifePoints is largely positive.Online Panel NET

LifePoints Panel offers a comparatively large number of surveys with different response times, which are rewarded with between 40 and rarely 250 points per successfully completed survey. The high number of surveys suggests a high participation frequency and thus a quick achievement of the payout limit of 5500 points (5US$ voucher) or 6550 points (5 US$ PayPal). Unfortunately the motivating impression is unjustified, since for about 50% of the surveys the participant profile is not appropriate, also, due to the fact that one is thrown out of almost completed questionnaires at once as a non-qualified participant, or for instance due to technical deficiencies an abort or even a crash of the survey is generated.

It is commendable that LifePoints Panel has introduced screen-out or consolation points (2) to be awarded in this regard, which unfortunately is rarely used to compensate for the more than justifiably lamented faux pas. In terms of the speed of payouts after the respective premium has been applied for, there is no complaint. All in all, the merger of Globaltestmarket and MySurvey into the new survey portal LifePoints Panel seems to be a project still in process, which would fully provide the usual reliability and service in conducting the great abundance of online surveys, which is also to be expected from the second largest market research company in the world.

Choose your country to register:

> Australia > Belgique > Brasil > Canada > Deutschland > Espana > Estados Unidos > France > Italia > Nederland > Österreich > Saudi Arabia > Schweiz > United Arab Emirates > USA
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Last modified: August 17, 2023

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