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Generally you participate in market research with paid surveys. Paid surveys are conducted by market research institutes, which in turn are paid by their clients to survey people on a desired topic or product. For this reason, no institute has to take money from you, but on the contrary can even pay you money as a reward for the survey.

An active user can earn up to 200 US$ per year with paid surveys. This became evident from our evaluation of other users’ experiences with all survey portals. The basic requirement is active membership in several online panels, i.e. a daily willingness to participate in surveys and being registered with at least 10 online survey providers. We recommend you to sign up with the following survey portals for free and without obligation to earn more money with surveys.

The best survey portals

Reward types: Cash and gift cards, Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$, Cash out: from 5 US$ (5.500 LifePoints), Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 16 years, Comments: MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket have new names and are now Lifepoints, the biggest online panel in the world [ Read more …]

Reward types: Cash, Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$, Cash out: from 20 US$, Number of invites: about 15 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Prize draws: New membership prize draw for 2,500 US$ and monthly prize draws, Comments: Get free products to test at home with Toluna [ Read more …]

Reward types: Gift vouchers and sweepstakes, Incentives per survey: 10 to 100 points (up to 1 US$, more loyalty points possible), Cash out: from 500 points (5 US$), Number of invites: about 8 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Comments: Loyalty program from 5 participations in surveys, in addition extra points for frequent partaking [ Read more …]

Reward types: Cash, gift vouchers and sweepstakes, Incentives per survey: up to 500 points (~1.50 US$), Cash out: from 3,000 points, PayPal starts at 30 US$, Number of invites: about 12 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Prize draws: Monthly members prize draw with many low point rewards

You should create criteria when choosing a survey portal that are relevant to you personally. What kind of payment do you want, rather money or are also vouchers of interest? Find out here how high the payments per survey are approximately for the particular survey portals. And what is the payout limit? The lower the better, the sooner you will receive your first payout, so is a payout of 10 Dollars or more desirable, or can even be higher? You will only get paid fairly quickly if you are invited to paid surveys often and frequently.

So also pay attention to how often you receive invitations so that you can start earning money with surveys on a regular basis as well. Most survey portals will invite you several times a week. There are even some that invite you to paid surveys nearly every day. Sometimes, however, certain survey portals are only looking for specific groups of people, of a specified age or gender, who are allowed to sign up and participate. In this case, it makes no sense to register with them, as their registration criteria do not match you. As a result, you may not receive any invitations to paid surveys.

New paid survey panels

We check each online panel for its reliability and even payment practices beforehand. Your registration and participation in their surveys is absolutely free of charge. You do not enter into any contractual obligation and do not have to fulfill any conditions. This basic principle is applied to all new survey portals included in our list. It is best to use exclusively our list of reputable providers and market research institutes to earn money with surveys.

Reward types: Cash, Incentives per survey: 0.25 to 3 US$, Cash out: from 10 US$ (10,000 points), Number of invites: about 30 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 16 years, Comments: Online Panel NET is our own survey portal to participate in paid surveys daily and many more, e.g. for paid games, test apps, complete tasks

Tips on paid surveys

If you search the Internet for information about paid surveys, you will find the most diverse answers to the question “How much can you earn with surveys?”. Answering surveys is often presented as classic home work, this is an untenable statement and false! But even the negative tests of serious publications on the subject of “earning money with surveys” come to a false conclusion by testing this regular extra income as a mini-job, and stir up a high expectation. Thus, you can only be disappointed, as in any case, you will not get rich with paid surveys. The payment for it, however, can generate a nice, small income on the side from home, with which you can fulfill smaller wishes. A real income to pay running costs will never be possible to fulfill with the total earnings gained by taking surveys.

Basically, the income can vary greatly depending on the individual, which is due to the target groups sought for the respective surveys, i.e. which target audience the clients of the institutes want to have surveyed. Most of the clients for the surveys conducted by the market research institutes are manufacturers of products or service companies who want to have their products or services tested or who want to better understand their customers’ wishes. For this reason, decision-makers in the household or by occupation are more often invited to the survey, as of a certain age or with a higher income. This is a reason why the unemployed, and also housewives or senior citizens, are less likely to be the target group of surveys than employed persons. Even as a member of an online panel, there is nothing you can do about this; it is the nature of market research and the requirements of the clients. We expressly advise against trying to manipulate this factor influencing the possibility of participation. Sooner or later this will be noticed by the institutes due to the inconsistency of your answers. The consequence would be a blocking of your account, and the accompanying loss of your money.

The annual earnings per survey portal are actually amounts mentioned in a survey by individual users of online surveys. For example, some users reach a sum of 1,000 Dollars per year. Those users who reach these values take part in surveys every day and are active members of at least 10 survey portals. Thus, as an active participant, one must also look for surveys in the respective member areas oneself, and not just wait for invitations by e-mail. In addition, one must also fill out lower-paying surveys. If you only select the high paying surveys, you end up spending a lot of time filling out so-called screeners without actually earning any money, because too often you do not belong to the target group of the survey. Overall, this assignment involves actual work for a little extra income, but it can be interesting and enjoyable, which is how most active users feel.

Thus, some principles can also be derived from these experiences, e.g. you can earn about 10 Dollars per month per survey portal. If you are registered with at least 10 survey portals and are invited to surveys accordingly often, up to 100 Dollars in additional earnings are possible per month. Depending on the season and month, this will vary, e.g. in the summer or at Christmas, fewer surveys are conducted in total, because the clients are usually on vacation. Furthermore, due to the different payout limits, which can range from 10 to 50 Dollars, large differences in the actual payouts per month are possible. So you sometimes have a good month, but also a less good month, as far as the real payouts by the providers of online surveys are concerned. A fixed sum every month is not to be expected.

The payout method is also decisive, because not all of them pay out the balance in cash, then either via PayPal or bank transfer. Some survey portals only offer the possibility to apply for a voucher, e.g. for Amazon or other large online stores. At the beginning, one will first have to participate and usually wait several weeks until the first time request for a payout from the survey portals, which varies depending on the amount of the payout limit as well as one’s own actual survey participations. And then you often don’t necessarily get your fee paid out promptly, but this in turn can often take a few weeks, this also varies depending on the provider. We recommend you check out our site for the best survey portals for you!

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