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With paid surveys in Hong Kong, you can not only build a small side income from home, but you will also participate in the improvement of products and services, and usually be the first to learn about the latest innovations. In our eyes, you also always learn something about yourself individually, about your likes and dislikes of certain products and developments.

An active user can earn up to 5,000 HK$ per year with paid surveys. This became evident from our evaluation of other users’ experiences with all survey portals. The basic requirement is active membership in several online panels, i.e. a daily willingness to participate in surveys and being registered with at least 10 online survey providers. We recommend you to sign up with the following survey portals for free and without obligation to earn more money with surveys.

The best survey portals

Reward types: Cash, gift cards and items, Incentives per survey: 50 to 250 points (25 HK$), Cash out: from 5,000 points (~ 500 HK$), Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Comments: With YouGov you will never screen out at online surveys, as well political surveys that are frequently published in the media [ Read more …]

Reward types: Cash, Incentives per survey: 10 to 25 HK$, Cash out: from 10,000 points (25 HK$), PayPal starts at 40,000 points (100 HK$), Number of invites: about 15 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 18 years, Prize draws: New membership prize draw for 2,500 US$ and monthly prize draws, Comments: Get free products to test at home with Toluna [ Read more …]

You should create criteria when choosing a survey portal that are relevant to you personally. What kind of payment do you want, rather money or are also vouchers of interest? Find out here how high the payments per survey are approximately for the particular survey portals. And what is the payout limit? The lower the better, the sooner you will receive your first payout, so is a payout of 10 Dollars or more desirable, or can even be higher? You will only get paid fairly quickly if you are invited to paid surveys often and frequently.

So also pay attention to how often you receive invitations so that you can start earning money with surveys on a regular basis as well. Most survey portals will invite you several times a week. There are even some that invite you to paid surveys nearly every day. Sometimes, however, certain survey portals are only looking for specific groups of people, of a specified age or gender, who are allowed to sign up and participate. In this case, it makes no sense to register with them, as their registration criteria do not match you. As a result, you may not receive any invitations to paid surveys.

New paid survey panels

We check each online panel for its reliability and even payment practices beforehand. Your registration and participation in their surveys is absolutely free of charge. You do not enter into any contractual obligation and do not have to fulfill any conditions. This basic principle is applied to all new survey portals included in our list. It is best to use exclusively our list of reputable providers and market research institutes to earn money with surveys.

Reward types: Cash, Incentives per survey: 0.25 to 3 US$, Cash out: from 10 US$ (10,000 points), Number of invites: about 30 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 16 years, Comments: Online Panel NET is our own survey portal to participate in paid surveys daily and many more, e.g. for paid games, test apps, complete tasks

Other paid survey panels

Following you will discover providers where a subscription is mostly possible only for a limited time, e.g. just at the beginning of the month. Either they are mostly the classics among survey portals, or sometimes rather theme-specific survey communities that are not always looking for new members for paid surveys. If you fail to be directed to their website, please try again at a later occasion. No technical error occurs here on our part, nor is our offer outdated – you are in the right place!

Reward types: Cash, Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$, Cash out: from 5 US$, Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month, Age to join: from 16 years, Comments: Mobrog  has also a separate survey app for mobile surveys via smartphone

By registering with the survey portals, you do not enter into any contractual agreements. Your registrations and participations are absolutely free of charge for the user. Additionally, we check each online panel for its reliability in terms of data protection and payment ethics beforehand. Furthermore, you can unsubscribe at any time, either on the website or simply by sending an e-mail to the provider. You will be immediately deleted from their mailing list for paid surveys. In fact, there is no obligation to participate, e.g. to respond to every e-mail invitation to paid surveys. You can autonomously decide when and how often you want to participate in paid surveys. However, it is advisable to register with several survey portals at the beginning in order to receive more invitations in total and thus earn more money with surveys.

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