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VIP Club surveys up to 3 US$ cash earnings
VIP account cash out from 10 US$ via Paypal
Double incentivation due to exclusive VIP Club Deals
24h online survey taking via Survey Routers
VIP Club cash and price draws and many more

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Welcome to the VIP Club of

Make your voice heard and earn money with it. As a member, we will ask you for your opinion on various topics. We want to know what you think on a subject as consumer or sometimes as a pro. You are not just paid for each completed survey but also participate in the improvement of products and concepts and you get to know the latest innovations first.

Your Benefit

For each of your participation in a survey, we will pay you accordingly. You get up to 5 US$ per completed survey. When your account reaches the minimum amount of US$ 10, you may request a wire transfer of the money to your PayPal account. Sometimes you will also take part in competitions draws of cash, or you get a voucher from us for your time. We strive always to provide various bonuses for our participants.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to participate only in surveys, and actually do so every day, we can recommend our own online panel where you can find a wide range of surveys and other ways to make money:
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Our Advices

You want to earn more money with paid surveys in the future, then we can offer you absolutely free the best advices. For example you just have to join a number of research institutes who conduct paid surveys online to be sufficiently often invited. Only by frequent participation you can achieve profitable earnings per month. We will introduce you to the best providers for paid surveys, where you can decide freely, whom you want to join. All this without obligation, and without displaying your personal information to others.

Your Safety

Your registration details will be treated under the rules of statutory data protection, and stored in accordance with the provisions on the handling of personal data, according to ESOMAR guidelines. Thus, your data will only be used for market research purposes, and your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties without your expressive consent. Your personal details will solely be used for the classification of your person to relevant survey questions, and in order to guarantee a correct payment of your earnings for you participating in surveys.

About us

We are usually commissioned by market research institutes to carry out surveys on various topics. We act here as a mediator between the consumer and the institutes' research interests on behalf of large companies. Our task is to build and maintain a so-called online panel, a kind of community for paid surveys that can be repeatedly asked about a variety of topics. The panel is operated by the BuyBizCharts Ltd., publisher of

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