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Online Panel NET Review

Spend much time roaming through the web all days? Have habits like: completing little tasks, taking surveys, running micro jobs, trying apps, or lining through divers smart money deals?
It is no secret anymore; you can definitely make money out of just being online and following your routines. As someone who regularly checks out survey-related sites and extra income opportunities and, who is familiar with Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Grabpoints, or other, should not miss the newly launched survey panel named OnlinePanel.NET

Join Online Panel NET - Daily get paid for surveys and more

Like you might know already, completing a few short surveys each day is really the best little earner. OnlinePanel.NET, unlike the others, is the specialist for online surveys. Nowhere else are there as many survey offers as on this page. This is no coincidence, as the owners of this income site are market researchers. Their more than 20 years of experience in online surveys business finds expression in the focus and the presentation of the offer, overall. The claim is clear; surveys for a worldwide user community, comprehensive and up-to-date survey assortment of all providers, sorting and selection options according to popularity, time expenditure and earnings, and more. Those who do not have enough, or simply want to earn money with more than just surveys, OnlinePanel.NET offers besides tasks, micro jobs, app tests, more profitable earning opportunities.

Login, Account, Security

The basic principle is simple, create a free account and collect points. Once you reach the payout limit, which is relatively low at 10,000 Points, exchange the points for money that you receive as a PayPal payment.
In detail, go to the website, click at the top right, below the language selection 'Register' (Login). Enter the requested account and profile data and complete the registration. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm and verify your registration with OnlinePanel.NET. Everyone, from every country in the world, over 16 years can participate. The user account automatically expires after 90 days in case of inactivity or non-use. Since the offer, unlike Swagbucks, Grabpoints, Prize Rebel and others, is designed for a worldwide user base, make your choice of language (world language menu). By IP detection, you get country-specific pre-filtered surveys and offers.

Your user account created with the registration can be accessed at any time via variously positioned menus. The administration of your account is up to you! Whether modifications, or account deletion or complete logout, you manage. You can view your points balance, edit your profile, modify your PayPal account details, view your attendance history, swap profile pictures, or review other settings.
General terms and conditions and data protection regulations are available in detail and in several languages. Much effort has been made, as expected from market researchers handling sensitive data, to ensure transparency and comprehensiveness in all relevant security and data protection issues (in addition to EU directives). Seriousness through transparency and self-administration appears credible.

User-friendliness, loading speed, appearance

The website appears friendly, clear, restrained, objective and user-friendly. The Shy design, which already conveys the landing page without being stingy with information about the offer, in addition to an easy-to-use registration form and login, the desired service and contact information, as well as a small nice statistics graphic, is consistently maintained throughout the entire offer. The points account is always in view, can be browsed easily and with fast loading time via dashboard and top navigation menu through the offer, as well as to maintain the account.

Earnings, bonuses and promotions, payout

The payout limit is just 10,000 points, in dollars as the base currency, that's $10, in Euros this is currently 8€. You will also receive the 10 US$ converted into other local currencies, such as CHF. That seems fair and is almost twice as much as Swagbucks. There you get for 9,000 points just $5 or 5€ as a payout to a PayPal account. The payment is automatically made to the PayPal account you specify in your profile. In plain language: 1,000 Points equals 1 US$. This formula applies to the calculation of your earnings per task performed. All offers you see are worth a certain number of points, each with its own individual requirements. It is important that you follow the instructions to receive your credit.

This site is generous with points towards its users. It's very motivating and enjoyable without much effort, such as being rewarded with a comeback bonus or receiving an action bonus that could be a comfort bonus if you were unsuccessful in a survey. In addition, there are regularly promotions where you get a 5% bonus markup on your points earned on the day. So-called rallies are especially fun, where the top three winners with the most collected points receive juicy bonuses by participating in surveys, tasks, etc.. Special attention should be drawn to the bonus, which awards loyalty points when a certain point limit is reached; currently, with a score of 1.000, you will receive an extra of 250 points. However, your membership status at OnlinePanel.NET increases with the frequency of your participation. A premium membership that is automatically reached after your first payout includes: additional loyalty points, faster payments and additional reward options.

Earn money

Essentially, OnlinePanel.NET is a portal that gives users reward points for simple online activities like small tasks, surveys, micro jobs, testing apps, and more. As mentioned, you will be "paid" in Points, which you can convert directly into a cash payment to your PayPal account. The points accumulate faster than you think, simply because there are so many jobs, surveys and activities. Many of you know and probably already do! Here are some of the key ways you can make money every day:

Surveys and Tasks:

The best option, because the most comprehensive way to make money with OnlinePanel.NET is to participate in surveys and carry out small market research jobs. Once you are logged in, the dashboard loads up, where you currently have three menu items for surveys and one for orders: Best Opportunity Surveys, Most Popular Surveys, Plenty More Surveys, Tasks (also accessible via the top menu). With automatic IP detection, you receive country-specific pre-filtered surveys and orders listed. You will be shown per survey or per order earnings, 400-1500 points for surveys, 1000-5000 points for orders, and sometimes also the duration of polls (10-20 minutes). By clicking you get to the website of the respective provider of the survey or task, e.g. YouGov, Nielsen Digital, etc., possibly you may fill out short profile questions and can participate if qualified. Very promptly, upon successful completion of the survey or job, you will already have your points credited to your account. It is worth trying as many offers of these categories as possible to maximize your opportunities and merits.

Apps Lab:

This section is a pretty good way to earn points by simply downloading some of the featured apps that include many topical themes and services. The instructions for many apps simply ask you to download + install + open the app to earn points. Click directly on the offer and a pop-up window will usually appear, showing you all the details you need to know. If you don't like the app, you can delete it later. A special feature is some game apps that have to be played up to a certain level, e.g. level 6, to get your points. This shouldn't be a problem if you enjoy gaming, or just have found a good one.

Smart Money:

In this category are gathered all subject spectrum comprehensive offers with which you earn points, and can make good bargains at the same time. In addition to surveys, apps, orders, you will find exclusive offers and products from well-known large and small brands. There is a multitude of free trial offers, some of which you can try out free of charge over a certain period of time. Or if you decide to purchase a product that you have already decided to buy, you can make a bargain because part of the sum will be credited back to you as points.


As someone who regularly uses survey-based sites and checks out additional income opportunities on the Internet, knows that filling out a few short surveys a day is really the best way to earn extra money. Unlike other income sites, OnlinePanel.NET is the specialist for online surveys. Nowhere else are there as many survey offers as on this site, run by market researchers. In addition, there are a variety of other profitable earning opportunities available such as tasks, micro jobs, app tests, and more. In plus, you are motivated and rewarded without much effort by means of various bonuses, such as comeback, action and loyalty bonuses. You will be "paid" in points, which you can convert directly into a cash payment to your PayPal account. The low payout minimum, in combination with the automatic payment system, works. There is no known refusal or non-payment in this respect. The website is clean, clear, easy to navigate and absolutely free. No obligation is bound to the use of the offer. Worldwide users over the age of 16 are welcome, although the availability of offers may vary, depending on the location. When it comes to online panels that pay off, OnlinePanel.NET is an absolute must for your bookmarks list.

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