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In the YouGov Panel you can almost always fill in the surveys to the end, because there is no selection of respondents who end the participation prematurely. The YouGov Panel is the most popular survey portal among users. One of the many reasons is that YouGov often carries out political and social surveys, more up-to-date opinion polls for participants than any other provider. You can often read the results of the surveys in the media and on their website.


  • Your country: US
    Reward types: Cash, gift cards and items
    Incentives per survey: 0.50 to 3 US$
    Cash out: from 50 US$
    Number of invites: about 10 surveys in a month
    Age to join: from 18 - 44 years
    Comments: Never screen out at online surveys, as well political surveys that are frequently published in the media